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May. 6th, 2017 11:01 am
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WHAT in person / text / vlog / idk
WHEN arbitrary time since QM is eternal
(optional) NOTES open/closed/any warnings/other things you want to put here

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WHAT in person / text / vlog / idk
WHERE Whereve
WHEN Whenever the day after you had some fucked up dreams were or also probably day 25 or 26 idk handwaves time

[Hey did ya'll have some fucked up dreams?

Anyway it's a bright, sunny, hot day. There is no free food ANYWHERE. fend for yourselves.

But there are a bunch of brightly colored flyers just plastered over lamp posts that you don't think were even there before, and shop windows that probably didn't want flyers in them.

They say inform you, in fancy glitter script that:

-There's gonna be a party, whoo!!
-it's gonna be hella fance!
-anonymous masks for mysterious funtimes!!
-get a date! or or plan find one at the party, or DON'T whatever
-get hype!!!

anyway this is otherwise a whatever every day mingle go at it]
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WHEN Day 25 morning arbitrarily

[ ONE OF THE EMPTY BUSINESSES IN THE MALL SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN TAKEN OVER there's a nicely laid out if barebones reception-area visible from the windows into it, and the door is open. there's a printed out piece of paper with CLINIC - - HELP WANTED attached to a window. inside the reception area there's a little girl sitting in the couch, humming to herself as she draws, and if you step inside Mori is at the desk to greet you - - ]

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WHAT ???
WHEN day 24, evening - > overnight

[ You're having some weird dreams tonight, man. Dreams like you've never had before. Other people's dreams, even. Or your own dreams, but there are people there who don't belong. Maybe you don't even normally have dreams. Maybe you don't even remember falling asleep, maybe you don't even sleep at all, but here the fuck you are, having some weird-ass dreams. What's up with that? ]

(( OOC: I think you guys mostly know how these work, but just in case it's your first time, all you gotta do is write up a toplevel of whatever shit your character is dreaming and other characters can enter the dreamscape and do shit in it. Whether or not the dreamer or dream visitor remembers anything is up to you, whether or not any physical damage or whatever taken in the dream persists in 'reality' is up to you, basically do whatever you want, no rules just right outback dream factory. ))
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WHAT in person but also do whatever you want
WHERE the police station that was Always There, or maybe you're doing something else? idc.
WHEN day 24? morning....afternoonish?

[ Hello Quiet Mounds, this fine morning you're walking past a police station, it's always been there...? Maybe you just never noticed it before this! But regardless. It is here and doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

If you happen to be passing by there are two young men standing outside of it setting up what looks like a nice and humble snack table. Cookies, other various snacks, refreshments.

There is a GRAND REOPENING sign on the front window somewhere.

So maybe you're coming to help yourself to some snacks? Maybe you're here to help yourself to snacks and meet these two people you may have never seen before in your life? Maybe you're also here to inquire where the fuck this police station came from before today?

.....or maybe you're doing something completely different! Up to you, Quiet Mounds!]
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WHAT in person
WHERE the park...?
WHEN Day 23, evening

[ The weather has calmed down and it's actually a nice temperature with a slight breeze -- someone has set up a beer garden in the park! There's beer, cider and mead from kegs -- and no one is checking ID.

There's also a variety of food -- mostly typical bbq stuff, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled corn and so forth but there is also probably something very particular and nostalgic from your childhood or past on the buffet tables. Maybe it's something like a particular brand of military rations, a space fruit that only grows on Mars, whatever.

Well, have fun. ]
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WHAT in person / text / vlog / idk


Well good news it's cooling off with a bit of a shower.

And by 'bit' we mean 'torrential downpour'.

As in, a monsoon is hammering down on quiet mounds like a god is taking a power washer to the remaining zombie debris.

Your socks are going to get SOAKED.

Don't worry though, the the city is ready for this and you can find surprisingly sturdy umbrellas littered around indoor shops. The problem is there never quite seem to be enough. So if you do want to venture out into the rain probably you should do the decent thing and share.]
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WHEN Day 21-23ish, or basically just, FIND YOUR WAY HERE around whatever timepoint your zombie PTSD has faded slightly. live your dreams!
NOTES to whoever posts after me: i'm so sorry. probably make the next post or two Day 21 to be safe from the continuity police

[it's been a long time coming, but now that the zombie threat is taken care of an important promise from the past has to be kept: BAD ROMCOM MOVIE NIGHT

it is evening. the grass in the park has been sternly reclaimed from zombie bits and cleaned till it's sparkling. there is punch in bowls and picnic shit and popcorn spread around, and most importantly, there is an old-fashioned school projector screen rigged up with a slightly less old-fashioned projector television against a handy backdrop of trees. there's a young man in glasses is using a sparkly white horse as a backrest near the equipment; the horse is also laying on the brightly checkered picnic blanket, watching the screen attentively. possibly, several people are using her as a backrest...?

if you mean to watch everything, you're going to be here for a while, because the playlist goes something like:

- 50 First Dates
- You've Got Mail
- The Wedding Planner
- 27 Dresses

and it's just. continuing. feel free for all your worst favorite movies to play. they are welcome here.

this is a purely voluntary event unless you unexpectedly get lured in from across the city by the dulcet tones of Celine Dion and become stuck, and while that won't be the doing of the party organizers, they may secretly feel you'll be a better person for the experience.]
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WHAT in person
WHERE By the lake

[Some intrepid adventurer definitely broke the TV and stopped the zombie invasion by now. YAY!

Also there is a clean up crew working on scraping thousands of zombie corpses out of the streets but uhh it's going to take a bit.

The lake however is pretty cleared out at least, mostly because there wasn't a lot of Last Man Standing fighting going on over here. And it is now where mechs, cars, or whatever else can go to get cleaned of their sticky coating of zombie guts.


[Orga is shirtess but still wearing a scarf for some damn reason, sitting on Barbatos' shoulders and sudsing up a gundam's head as best he can with a scrub brush]

I think I might need a chisel to get through some of this.
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WHEN day 20

[ Use this post for your last minute zombie shenanigans, being heroic, so forth and general stuff...

... but for people looking for The End, The Final Battle, Blah Blah... go here ]
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WHAT In person!!
WHERE Heavenly Grounds
WHEN day 19 tho
NOTES the doors are closed but the post is open

[ Given all the LASER SECURITY on the place, it's no surprise that many of the fine, upstanding citizens of Quiet Mounds would find their way to one Heavenly Grounds coffee shop to take shelter, feast on day old scones, and in general just not get their asses kicked by hoards of the undead. Let's join them now, as the adventure continues . . . ]
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WHEN Day 19

User: knakamura006

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm already bored of being stuck in the zombie apocalypse.

Anyway if anyone wants cupcakes get lake side of the apartments I have about fifty.
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WHAT in person OR text OR whatever
WHEN Day 18
NOTES See this post for details

[ in the city dump -- did you know there is a city dump? it's there, on the outskirts just near where the boundary shoves you back into the city, where you don't think of it, it shouldn't really be thought of anyway. it's dark and dank and dark and dark and dark and it's not like anything wanted ever ends up there.

but where no one can see it, an old television sits in the dump. it flickers and flickers, it comes to live. the static screen stretches, cracks and comes to life. an old school style movie narrator starts yelling -- THEY WERE EVERYWHERE. THEY WERE HERE FOR YOUR BRAINS. THEY WERE THE PEOPLE YOU ONCE NEW. . . BUT UNDEAD!

a rotted hand pushes its way through the television, and then another. a foot. a head. the stench of rotten flesh accompanies the torso and body. and another. and another and another. a hoard, an army, a squadron -- zombies.

they shuffle into town, somehow they might shuffle into your apartment, your shop, get their gross rotting guts all over your car, or try to eat your dog.

best band together for survival! ]
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WHERE the street!

[ hey everyone -- since it was HOT and then RAINED now we have steamy night time streets, oh boy. While the humidity is awful, and the heat is back at least there is a NIGHT MARKET which is kind of cool. It has little knick knacks and prizes you can win -- goldfish, stuffed animals, so forth and so on -- as well as food, chicken on a stick, shaved ice, so forth and so on.

Have fun! Wander around! Hang out with people and win prizes!

Or, check out the FREE fortune telling machine. All you have to do is stand in front of it. . . and it will announce, rather loudly, some secret of yours. Or many secrets. Depending on how fast you get out of its line of sight.

. . . if you try to harm, destroy or mute the machine in any way you will be grabbed by security and forcibly put in time out for a little while and get a slap on the wrists. Destruction of private property is frowned upon. ]
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WHAT in person
WHERE out by the woods

[Hallelujah, it's raining.

So it's probably good that in the last twenty four hours a small set up has gone up near the woods. It's kind of chumpy tbh, a tarp tied up in trees with a ten foot gundam parked under it, a rocking lawn chair, an unrolled sleeping bag. No even actual tent, but it's keeping the light summer rain off just fine.

Orga is cooking in a tin pot over a small 'campfire' produced via a stove in a can.

Someone figured out how to use the phones, and youtube is cycling through some classic rock.

It's very homey.

Feel free to assume you have been waved over to say hello, get out of the rain, or whatever.]

This isn't going to be anything like Atra's cooking...
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WHAT in person
WHEN Day 16? Something?

[ it seems like there is a BLACK FRIDAY IN JULY!! Sale going on. You know, to come before CHRISTMAS IN JULY!! WHICH EVERYONE LOVES!!!!

So stores have MEGA SALES and you are probably caught unaware by the celebrations, possibly conned into taking a picture with a mall Santa. Possibly you are an EMPLOYEE just trying to make a living and also pick up the chaos of sales sale sales, deals on deals on deals!

Maybe you have no idea what Christmas is, but luckily Quiet Mounds was prepared for that and there are pamphlets explaining both commercial Christmas and the religious holiday. Educational.

But, don't you want to try out some of these Starfucks holiday exclusive drinks? Surely you do. . . ]
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WHAT in person
WHERE the luXe kitchen what, luXe has a kitchen it does now it's a fancy cafe ok maybe its more of a kitchenette
WHEN day 15 because day 14 has worn out its welcome. some time in the evening.

[something smells so good? IT JUST SMELLS, SO, GOOD,

whats going on in this place, investigate y/n]
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WHAT A farm post
WHERE The Farm
WHEN Day 14

[So some us you may work at the farm, and others might just be stopping by to shop at the farmer's market, or to check it out. Pet some animals. Learn to ride a horse. The setting page says:
Just as it is named, it's the farm. There's a red barn house, some grain silos. A weekly farmer's market that has everything you need -- local milk, local cheese, local fruit and veg and local meat. Everything is as you would need it, who needs a grocery store now?

Who cares if what is local for the area seems to be... everything. Tropical, temperate, dessert, space fruit. Everything can be found here, of course. Make sure to stop by the jerky stand, there's some flavors you could never imagine, all found locally.
. . . but maybe today there's a busker, or two, or five? Or someone selling jewellery that they made? Maybe there's a couple of baby goats on the loose? Get in touch with domesticated livestock and agriculture. ESCAPE THE CITY LIFE. I guess.]
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WHAT in person
WHERE Out By The Woods
WHEN Day 13??? one day a post seems to be working ok

[Eventually this business will probably move down into the fight ring, but this is a TEST and maybe a bit of MARKETING. So it's taking place out of the way but still in a pretty visible area.

On display we have ONE (1) ten (10) foot tall Gundam, and probably a short boy attached to it by a black umbilical cord.

There are also TWO (2) iron men suits, on loan from Heavenly Grounds.

There's probably various other people around.

And then there's this purple haired guy, who if he catches you looking over with any kind of interest at what is going on, will wave you over.]

Yo! Morning. You want to try one?
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WHAT in person
WHERE anywhere
WHEN Day 12

[ it's hot. Like absolutely very hot. The sun is shining, the air is oppressively warm. You can see the heatwaves wafting up from the pavement. You could cook an egg on a car hood kind of weather.

At least most of the businesses in Quiet Mounds have air conditioning. There's also a nice lake to swim in.

Someone's set a sprinkler out in the park, there are some pop up kiosks for frozen treats -- unusual ice cream flavors, boozey otter pops, frozen lemonade. . .

well, don't die in the heat! ]
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WHAT in person / text / vlog / idk
WHEN day 11

[When you wake up you will find a notice from the Tidy Living Apartments that says simply:

Elevator Under Maintenance.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-Tidy Living Staff

Despite this note, the elevator seems to work fine, it opens up for you, and that's good because it's the only way to exit unless you want to vault out of your Several Stories High Window With A View Of the Lake.

But when you hit the button there seems to be a low chance it will take you where you want to go.

Most likely it will just drop you off at the wrong apartment. But it seems like some wires got crossed and you may also end up anywhere in Quiet Mounds, including the school boiler room, the church, the laundry room, the fighting ring...

It seems like you probably won't be getting home today so you might as well make some friends.]